Paddling Lessons

Paddling Lessons

Ben Lawry:
(9:30am) Essentials to the Wing Paddle and Performance Paddling
(2-2.5 Hours – $65/person – Includes Entry to Race Series on Sunday)
Designed for paddlers using or thinking of using the Wing style kayak paddle with a focus on efficiency for racers and distance cruisers. This class will also go over getting used to different maneuvering strokes with the wing blade. The cost of this class also includes the cost to the enter the race series on the festival day, Sunday the 8th.

Greg Stamer:
(9:30am) Performance Greenland Forward Stroke
(2-2.5 Hours – $65/person)
Class to improve your speed and efficiency. We will explore both torso rotation (wing-style) and “crunch” (traditional) techniques. Most Greenland-style kayakers (outside of Greenland) use a mix of both styles, so concentrating on each technique is helpful to increase awareness and also to allow you to discover which technique you prefer, rotation, crunch or “hybrid”.

Greg Stamer and Jay Rose:
(12:30pm) Greenland Skills Course
(2.5-3 Hours – $75/person)
When you are ready to get more than “just” paddling out of your kayaking experience than this course is for you. This is a class designed to use Greenland Paddles but a euro blade can also be used. Covered will be High and Low Braces, Balance Braces, Sculling, Kayak Rolling and more.

Mike Devlin:
Introduction to Kayaking Fundamentals Course
(1.5-2 Hours – $50/Person – 9:30am, 12:30pm)
Whether you’re new to paddling or looking to touch up on all the basics this is the class for you. Among everything covered a few of the topics reviewed can be seen below.
How to transport your kayak (if needed), efficient paddling (that fits your physical abilities), turn easily with less effort and rescue yourself and others (tell the person with you how to rescue you).

Classes are limited to 12 people max per course. Payment can be made by check in person or mailed to Mike Devlin or Jay Rose. Contact either of them for mailing information. Payment can also be made using PayPal sending funds to with info for class choice and contact details.